Audition Tips for Children & their parents

Every Audition is different, theatre auditions in comparison to screen auditions bear little comparison. Make sure when we give you the audition details, either by phone or email, that you ask us about what to expect so we can try to prepare you. We will always give you as much information as we can although it is often very limited. Each audition requires a slightly different approach, however, here are our top ten tips  that will hopefully always help…

  1. Arrive at the audition with plenty of time, there may well be material there for you to look at, you can also then take the time to relax and focus, so you are ready to go in without feeling stressed.
  2. Be fully aware that your audition starts the minute you enter the building. Polite, well-mannered behaviour is essential at all times, don’t be fooled into thinking that how you conduct yourself in a waiting room is not important. The receptionist may well pass on her impressions or any informal information gained to the casting director.
  3. Don’t simply follow the crowd, ask the receptionist or assistant, not another actor or parent, to ensure you fill in any appropriate forms or that you are given any appropriate sides/pages to look at.
  4. Always fill in our contact details – never your own. If you don’t know them, then make sure they are on your person, likewise for commercials it is worth having your measurements to hand.
  5. If you are unsure of anything then call us at the time not after the event. We cannot help unless we know there is a problem.
  6. If you are given a script in advance, you must really know it, not simple line learning, but well enough that you can really act the scene. It is not a memory test – the casting director wants to know what your acting is like. Really understand the scene, what is happening and why.
  7. Where appropriate research the project & the people involved, you should be interested in it, don’t be afraid to show the casting director your enthusiasm for the story etc, actors always need to be bright eyed and engaged when auditioning.
  8. Dress appropriately – It is not a fancy dress competition! You should look like yourself and wear something that makes you feel comfortable and confident, however, it should also be something you think the character might wear. For example if it is a period piece, then ensure you are in something soft and conservative. If in doubt ask us. You are trying to make it easy for the casting director to imagine you as that character without going over the top.
  9. If you are unclear what the casting director is asking or how they are directing you, then ask them to explain what they mean. They want you to do your best, so don’t be afraid to ask questions if you need to.
  10. Expect the unexpected! Don’t be surprised if the audition is not at all how you have imagined it. If you feel comfortable, confident and well prepared, you will do yourself justice. If you are not right for that specific project, but the casting director enjoys meeting you and recognises your talent they may call you back in for another project at another time.

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