How do you find work for me / my child?
Casting Directors either email us directly, phone, or use a service called the Spotlight Link asking for suggestions for forthcoming roles. We then submit suggestions via the Spotlight Link or however the Casting has specified, usually about four suggestions for each role. The Casting Director then chooses whom out of our suggestions (and all the other Agents suggestions) they wish to see.

I don’t know anything about Auditioning?
Ninety percent of auditions will be in London, and you will usually only have about 24hrs notice. Rest assured we will always ask for auditions to be held outside of school hours but the Casting Directors do not always comply!
We will call you as soon as we hear from the casting director and try and tell you as much about the project and what to expect at the audition as we can. Commercial castings tend to be five minute affairs with nothing to prepare, television castings often involve preparing a scene, which will be emailed to you (we would expect you to learn it) and theatre castings will be very specific with what they want – musicals ask for a set repertoire of songs, plays often involve a workshop revolving around improvisations.
If your first audition goes well, the Casting Director will contact us and ask to bring you back in for a recall, this will also be in London, there will usually be less children and you would expect to spend more time in the audition. Some projects have one recall some have several.
At Auditions you may be asked to complete registration forms, please do not put your home address or contact details on you should always put the Agency telephone number & email.

How many Auditions should I/my child expect?
Unfortunately this is not something we can answer! What we can say is auditions become more frequent once you have worked and built a professional CV – the first few jobs are the hardest to get. There will be periods where auditions are frequent and times when you will not hear from us. Please be assured just because you are not getting auditions does not mean that we are not submitting you for work. Every Casting Director has their own personal taste and criteria for each job. We can guarantee that we will try and secure you auditions but ultimately it is up to the casting director as to who they ask in to audition.

What happens if I/ my child gets a job?
You will be phoned and informed of the dates, and we will then begin the licencing process (please refer to the Licences section of this site). Once the production dates are set we will discuss chaperoning and tutoring with you.
We will also organise the contracts/invoices and payments for the job. Most child rates are set so there is little negotiation, where we can negotiate we will. When we have received your child’s money from the Production Company we will then pay your child by BACS transfer. We can only pay into an Account in your childs name, and payments often take months to come. (Once we receive the money we will pay you within three days)

What do you expect from me / my child?
On joining the Jackie Palmer Agency you will be given a contract to sign, this covers all aspects of professional behaviour that we expect from all our clients.