Children can only work in the entertainment industry if they have a licence. The production company applies to the child’s County Council, through the Agent, giving all relevant information on the job; times, dates, locations and who will be looking after the child.

The Agent will then require the parent to provide the following:

  1. a copy of the child’s Birth Certificate;
  2. a completed Part Two form (which the agent will email to the parent);
  3. a letter from the child’s school giving permission for the child to be absent on the performance dates;

Once the Agent has received the paperwork from the Production Company and the parent, they will then send everything off to the council. A licence can legally take twenty-one days to process, but as long as the application is complete most Council’s will be able to process a licence within ten days.

A licence is a legal requirement; it is illegal for a child to work without the proper licence. By obtaining the licence the Production Company is agreeing to abide by the strict regulations governing child performance laws. These include: hours of work, appropriate break times, constant supervision and adherence to education laws.

Whilst working a child will be looked after by a Chaperone, this is someone who has been licenced by the Council, having had the appropriate Police DBS checks, specialist training and is fully versed in Entertainment practices. All the Jackie Palmer Chaperones have had a long and close association with JP Associates and in many cases have had their own children working within the industry.