Summer 2015 Newsletter

We hope you had a great holiday, here is our quick round up of what has been happing across the Agencies this summer.

So… we saw the final performances (or are just about to), of the following theatre productions that our clients are involved in, ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’, ‘History Boys’, ‘Twelfth Night,’ ‘Bugsy Malone,’ ‘Billy Elliot’, ‘Heartbreak Productions,’ ‘Everyman’ and ‘Bye Bye Birdie’.

However, really looking forward to seeing our clients in the UK Tours of, ‘Annie’ ‘Lord of The Flies’ and ‘Priscilla Queen of the Desert’. In the West End in, ‘Sunny Afternoon’ ‘People, Places and Things’ and ‘Matilda’. ‘Blueman’ is still going strong on Broadway, and a number of our adult clients have already secured their Pantos and Christmas show roles.

New on the filming front were the Feature Film ‘Knights of the Round Table: King Arthur’, double episodes of, ‘Casualty’, ‘Drifters’ and the second series of, ‘T-Boy’ has begun filming. Huge news on a regular role in a favourite soap has to remain under wraps until the end of September, obviously we will keep you posted! There has been a certain amount of Globe-trotting for various commercials including Croatia for Signal Toothpaste and Kosovo for a United Nations short, as well as the usual UK shot commercials. A great skit of Marvel heroes played by children and short films.

More episodes of ‘The Hive’ for Disney, ‘Trouble with Mum’ for C-Beebies and ‘Bing Bunny’ have been happening over August as well as ‘Black Dog’ for Radio 4.

Another reminder that our agency email address changed, we are no longer but are now


Marylyn says… “It has been a really busy summer and we are looking forward to an equally busy autumn!”

 Jackie Palmer Agency – Alex says… “Some really great triumphs over the summer, but we still had a number of disappointed casting directors who we had pushed to see some of our clients, castings were given, only to find that the clients were away on holiday and we had to send grovelling apologies. Please keep us up to date on holidays or any availability issues.”

JPA Young Performers – Helen says… “Young Performers have had an excellent few months, with roles secured in Feature Films, Television & Theatre, with more exciting castings booked in – well done!”

JPA Management – Ben says… “Looking forward to a busy Autumn.” 

COMING UP… Maybe better weather…….!

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