We Are Back!

It was great to get back into the office after being on Furlough for four and a half months. Marylyn has had to man the office on her own, which she has done valiantly! With the furlough rules changing, it has allowed the rest of us to get back into the office, even if only on a part time basis. So between myself (Alex), Leanne and Margaret – we are back to having a bustling office. It was such a pleasure to be back in the theatre watching our client in JCSS at Regents Park Open Air theatre and to know that another clients world tour starts this week. There have been commercials filming, some really interesting writers workshops which I know our actors loved being involved with, and a crazy amount of self tapes! It would appear that the industry is starting to slowly come back, waking up and through innovation and creativity beginning to find its feet. We don’t know what the future holds but its great to back in the office making one.